The Proposed Off Site Mitigation Document


Please find a few minutes to read this. If you would like to comment on our precious wildlife being destroyed and the plan to relocate some species at Runwell (actually Rettendon) then please email the planning department at [email protected] reference 14/01176/COND or you can use the online planning portal where you will find all the relevant documents. The closing date for responses is 28th October.

3 thoughts on “The Proposed Off Site Mitigation Document

  1. D Hernaman

    why oh why. More housing ????
    Wildlife need all other wildlife to survive. Taking some away would destroy the others left.
    This county is like a concrete jungle.
    What’s happened to England’s green
    Fields and meadowlands.
    All gone to housing. How awfully sad and disgraceful.
    Please leave what’s left of our wildlife to live in their homes , and stop building other concrete homes.

    1. freddyh_admin

      If you are local please let the council know your views. It’s important that local people have a say. This site hasn’t gone to housing yet, we are fighting hard

  2. Lynne Hayward

    Why can’t this well matured area of wildlife and open spaces be left alone. Why haven’t we been listened to! knowing that, if this area is taken away, it will continue to cause problems not only for the wildlife but countless pollution and over congestion in Basildon and the surrounding areas.

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