Correcting Misrepresentations in UKIP’s Leaflet

As GAG2011 is a non party political community group, and we have supporters from all political groups, we don’t usually comment in a politically biased way. However we need to make an exception to ensure that the community is in full possession of the facts.

A recent flyer distributed by UKIP in the Nethermayne Ward addresses the development of Dry Street Pastures. The leaflet is arrogant, totally misleading and reflects a failure to grasp the facts of the case.

The outline planning permission was granted by a Conservative majority but cannot be challenged or revoked by any political group. The only challenge can come from a court of law with a judgement that the decision was unsound. No political party can overturn the decision and to suggest they can is misleading.

The challenge to the scrutiny committee by Linda Allport – Hodge was actually about St Martin’s Square and the change of use. Given that the application for the process had been incorrectly completed by UKIP the chair of the meeting had no choice but to declare there was no case to answer.

It is deeply insulting for the local community and particularly for the GAG2011 committee to read in the leaflet, and I quote ‘You see, its (sic) all well and good being very vocal against any proposal but it takes guts, determination and sheer hard work to go head to head with the Tories’

Well, let me tell you Stephen Hodge that some people in our community have worked for 25 years to save this piece of land from previous development plans. Many others have given their time and energy since 2010 to challenge the latest bid to develop Dry Street Pastures. The community are more than vocal, we are a force to be reckoned with and we will continue to challenge the development plans through the proper channels.

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