Newsletter 5th September

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Housing Plan

The plan for the first phase of housing on Dry St Pastures has been approved by Basildon Council without putting it before the planning committee. Sadly they have the power to ignore this democratic and transparent process. Your local councillors, particularly those that serve on the planning committee are shocked and horrified.

It was quite clear during the recent consultation that the housing plan, for the first phase, was rather different to that put forward as part of the outline planning permission in June 2013. It was quite possible that the plan would have been thrown out by councillors if it had gone to the planning committee, on the basis that the details were so different to the outline. For example, Redrow have downgraded the low cost housing element of the plan; they are allowed to pay off the council so that low cost housing can be built elsewhere.

The first phase of 30 homes detailed in the outline planning permission has increased to 181. In the outline plan, following the building of 30 homes, highway improvement would commence. Those that live in Dry St will know that surveyors were there this week to begin upgrading the Nethermayne end of Dry St.

What can we do?
Local councillors are determined to challenge this abuse of power and are looking ways that this could be done. The press have been fully informed. The first article was published yesterday online by the Yellow Advertiser. Other newspaper and local radio coverage will follow next week.
You, as a resident, could complain to Basildon Council as it is necessary to make a complaint and receive an unsatisfactory response before asking the ombudsman to get involved.
You could also email the leader of the council Phil Turner ([email protected]) and share your thoughts on yet another failure to listen to the people of Basildon and their elected representatives.

Legal Case

The courts do not sit in August so our case will have joined a number of other small cases to be reviewed by a judge in September. We have asked to have our case re examined on the basis that we have suffered an injustice because previous judges did not take account of an EU law being broken, and refused us a judicial review. The odds are against us but it really is our last chance to make any legal challenge. We hope to hear news next week.


Many thanks to those that continue to donate and support our events. You can donate online, using our updated online donation system. We hope to be able to raise enough by the end of the year to clear our current legal fees.
Our next event is another brilliant Quiz Night at Lee Chapel South Community Hall on Saturday 19th September, 7.30pm for a prompt 8pm start. Ring Pat Roberts (see below) to book a table or just come along and join up with smaller groups for a fun night. £5 per person, children over 12 only please. Don’t forget it’s ‘wear a hat’ theme – any kind will do but there is a prize for the best head gear.


Contact GAG:

Pat Roberts (GAG2011 Treasurer & Fundraising): 01268 544541 or 07887 481275
Miriam Heppell (Gag2011 Secretary): 01268 544541
Don’t forget you can keep up to date via our Facebook page
If you wish to contact a Nethermayne councillor about this, or any other, local issue, you can do so with the following contact details:
Cllr Geoff Williams [email protected]
Cllr Kerry Smith 01268 661812 or  [email protected]
Cllr Stephen Hodge 07842 086712 or [email protected]

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