Meeting for Lee Chapel South Residents to Discuss Community Issues

A message form Andrea Purser:
Allan Handley and I have been very busy coordinating a meeting to support the community request on this forum to discuss the recent increase in crime and anti social behaviour. With greatly appreciated support and contributions from our local councillors and other departments the following has been arranged.

Meeting to be held this Sunday 26th October at Lee Chapel South Community hall at 11:30 am.

This meeting will approximately last upto 1 hour and can hold a maximum of 200 people.

We do not have time to leaflet drop so we are requesting that you knock at your neighbours, engage in conversation and spread the word. Most of your neighbours will not be on this FB page so if you can’t speak to them pop a note through their front door. This is about us all coming together to reduce this problem so talking to our neighbours is the best place to start.

Attending at present: Neighbourhood Watch, Geoff Williams, Allan Davies Andrew Gordon

Requested to attend and declined/unable to attend:
PCSO, Basildon Council Community involvement team, Anti Social Behaviour Team.

Awaiting response to the request to attend: Kerry Smith and Police Representation.

If there is anyone else that can speak (or be on hand for questions) please suggest and let me know. If they do not wish to speak please still invite them.

Is there anyone in our community that works in the home security industry that could give a basic overview on the current systems?

The aim of the meeting is to get residents together. The ‘what happens next’ is up to all of us.

Hope to see you all there.

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