GAG faces Scrutiny Committee

GAG presented its petition against the development of the Dry Street Pastures  to Basildon Council’s Environment and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee at the end of June, together with the reports compiled by Dr R.L. Cole.    

Dr  Cole is a recognised authority on the flora and fauna of the South West area of Basildon and is acting for the Essex Wildlife Trust in matters concerning the proposed development of the Nethermayne Site. The Homes & Communities (HCA) owned land on the site was designated an Area of Special Reserve for Housing in 1998 after a public inquiry into the Local Development Plan at the time. Since then, however, the bulk of that land has been designated a Local Wildlife Site (LOWs) and a UK Bio-Diversity Action Plan (UK-BAP) site. If the same land was to be considered now as a site of special reserve for housing it would fail miserably. Find the Cole reports in full at the top of this page.

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