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W e, the undersigned, wish to protest in the strongest terms at the proposed demolition of Longwood   Equestrian Centre as part of the planning application from the HCA and S.E. College to  redevelop the Nethermayne Site, and call upon Basildon Borough Council to withdraw its support for the proposal. Longwood Equestrian Centre is unique in Essex for the range of its activities offering equestrian events and learning opportunities, as well as livery facilities, to a wide range of clientele. The centre also offers NVQ training to employees. In addition Longwood is a BHS recognised riding school which has a record of work with disadvantaged children from within Basildon Borough. 2012 Olympic Gold medallist Ben Maher has also trained at Longwood. The Petitioners believe that Longwood Centre is a jewel in the crown of Basildon’s sporting heritage and that its proposed demolition would constitute an irreplaceable loss to the residents of the Borough.

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