Land at St Martin’s Square

A small advert appeared in the Yellow Advertiser this week under public notices. See link below (takes a minute to load!)

St martin’s SqBasCouncilpage

This was posted by Basildon Council and concerns appropriating and disposing of the land at St Martin’s Square. They are apparently required under planning law to ask if anyone objects. Well of course we do! Most of us have objected to the plans for St Martin’s Square several times now. We do not want an ugly permanent market on it as it is public open space and should be left as such. We also object to our public assets being acquired and disposed of with public money for a plan we don’t want. The plans for St Martin’s Square are part of the grand plan to build the new college on the current market place and sell off the old one as part of the Nethermayne development on Dry St Pastures.

There doesn’t seem to be an online reply facility so please can as many people as possible send an old fashioned letter with your objections to
The Service Manager of Corporate Property
St Martin’s Square
Essex SS14 1DL

Thanks for your support.

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