Getting involved.


This is the big push for fund-raising. Can you help?

Come along to one of the fundraising meeting , I will be putting the date up soon. You don’t have to commit forever, however if you have a few hours now and then, there are loads of things in which you could be involved.

For example. We need raffle and auction items. Doesn’t have to be new, just saleable.
Does your employer have something they might donate. Would you ask them?
Do you have a skill you could offer?
Have you looked in the loft lately, might be a chance to have a clear out. One mans meat etc.
Any craft items? Art you may be bored with looking at. We all like a change.
If we get enough donations, we are looking at a date in the autumn.

Don’t forget to look at the events page and see whats coming up. Is there anywhere you can sell ticket or put up a poster?  Bring friend along.

Of course, you can always donate on the website. Every little helps.

Above all, keep talking. Spread the word further afield and keep the support coming.

You can phone me for more information other ways to get involved.

01268 459349   Pat Roberts.

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