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GAG2011 are now making an application for judicial review of the planning decision by Basildon Borough Council which has now been formally approved, giving outline planning permission to developers to build 700 plus aspirational homes on a great swathe of land north of Dry St up to Nethermayne. We need your help to raise money to pay the legal fees involved. Here are some reasons why we are determined to stop this development and why local people are so angry that the local council did not listen to evidence or local opinion:

  • Longwood Equestrian centre is set to be demolished. A centre of excellence and unique in the area, this centre provides riding lessons, training for local young people, hosts events and provides livery services. It’s current situation provides access to safe bridle paths.
  • South Essex College Nethermayne campus will be demolished as SEC have declared it unfit for purpose. Local people know this is simply not true. SEC want to relocate to the town centre and have been given the opportunity to sell their large swathe of land to fund this. They believe that by moving to the town centre they will raise their standards. Local people will have an opinion on this.
  • The sports centre adjacent to the college will also be demolished. Another sporting provision lost.
  • The air ambulance will have to find an alternative landing site.
  • Dry street meadows which are of major ecological importance will be built on. ‘In England, much of our biodiversity, including many of our birds, butterflies and plants, is declining. Our wildlife areas are too disjointed and fragmented, which makes it harder for wildlife to flourish and respond to climate change and other pressures, like pollution.’ This is a quote from Defra’s 2020 biodiversity policy paper. Yet this plan will fragment the Langdon Ridge and cause damage to protected species, some unique to our area. Relocation of many species has not been proved to be successful.
  • Traffic will increase. Cars from 700 plus homes will make a difference. Traffic problems will not be solved by minor road improvements. The construction traffic will be immense.
  • There will be extra pressure on our schools and medical services.
  • Those living in adjacent roads such as Rantree Fold, Fletchers and Sporhams will subjected to noise, vibration, drainage problems and quiet Cul-de-sacs will become through-fares to the new estate. Residents wanting to sell their homes may find they are not quite so attractive to buyers.

Please consider donating to GAG2011 so that we can fight this development on your behalf.

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