Public Meeting on the 14th July

Sunday 14th July

A public meeting was held at Lee Chapel South Community Hall organised by the Green Action Group – (GAG) which is opposed to the proposed housing development on the Dry Street Pastures which includes the site of Longwood Equestrian Centre.

The meeting was attended by 80 people.

With the planning approval given on 4th June 2013 to the development at the meeting of Basildon Council’s Development Control and Traffic Management Committee the GAG team held the meeting to advise local people of the current position and also to advise on a possible legal challenge to the Council’s decision that maybe made.

In order to challenge the decision there is a 6 week period in which the legal challenge can be made starting from the date that the Council give to the applicant a formal letter of the approval of the plans and the conditions attached. That formal notice it is understood has not yet been given by Basildon Council.

Regarding the procedure of a legal challenge it was explained that this could be a very expensive exercise if the matter proceeded to the High Court.

It was clear from the meeting that there was the appetite to pursue a possible legal challenge and volunteers came forward to help and assist with fund-raising.

The picture attached shows Rod Cole of GAG explaining the up to date position to the assembled audience.


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