Massive Support from Longwood Riders

The campaign to preserve the Dry Street Pastures and Longwood Equestrian Centre received a massive boost at the weekend when dozens of concerned horse riders joined local Dry Street residents for a meeting at Dry Street Church.

Those who attended heard GAG representatives explain the current planning application to build 750 homes on the HCA and college land, and discussed the next steps in the campaign to halt this madness.

The centre, which was built in the early 1970’s, is a focal point for local equestrians as well as for riders from all over Essex and beyond. It is of local, regional and national significance and has helped open this ever-popular past-time and sport to thousands, including Olympic winners ! The centre is thriving – BUT, all this will be lost if the HCA, S.Essex College and Basildon Borough Council get their way.

It’s not a done deal. Basildon Council is currently taking comments on the planning application – 

Land At Nether Mayne Kingswood Basildon Essex SS16 5NL

Ref. No: 12/01080/OUT

If you want to comment on the planning application and would like some help formulating your comments contact GAG at [email protected]

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