Another Day – Another Packed Meeting

Another day – another meeting packed with local residents opposed to the development of the Nethermayne site and the demolition of the Longwood Equestrian Centre. Over 100 angry supporters of the campaign mounted by GAG2011 and Longwood E.C. filled the hall at Dry Street Memorial Church on Monday 26th November to hear the leading figures from GAG2011 explain the planning application before Basildon Council and explore the various aspects that concerned local people could consider objecting about. As the opposition campaign intensifies GAG and Longwood representatives will be meeting to discuss further moves in their bid to stop the madness proposed for the Nethermayne site.

4 thoughts on “Another Day – Another Packed Meeting

  1. Sadie Clark also at [email protected]

    I have spoken to a class of Year 8 pupils at Woodlands School this morning to ask their views on the proposed rdevelopment of the Nethermayne site. They didn’t know anything about these proposals before the start of the lesson but I feel it is important that our pupils are made aware of local issues that will affect them now and in the future. They raised a lot of good points in their arguments against this redevelopment and I left them writing letters to Stephen Metcalfe and The Chief Planning Officer outlining ther objections. They had spoken of their personal experiences of walking and playing, and horseriding in this area of outstanding beauty, difficulties with a 30 minute local ambulance journey due to a traffic jam on Nethermayne. Point also raised was that if only 20 parking places are allocated for the new college campus, where are the other 200 car users going to park and how many have been allocated for disabled parking. I was asked by a member of staff if there is a standard letter of objection that could be used by busy people who do not have the time to write their own, that includes the points where objections will be heard by the Chief Planning Officer, that could be forwarded to voice their objections.

    1. gag2011

      Thank you so much for this. The trouble with a ‘standard’ letter is that the officers/committee will take less notice of it than an individual letter. However, better that than nothing. I’ll work on it !

  2. Hilary baker

    I’m disgusted regarding the proposed demolition of Longwood equestrian centre. This year we were all so proud to be British with the superb Olympic games. The very strong message that was put across was that the country and government need to support and provide facilities for future sports men and women. It appears to me that equestrian facilities are being ignored and is being forced into beiing an elitist sport only for those that can afford to build their own facilities and incur all the taxes or be able to afford transport and fuel costs to far spread centres. I am not an Olympic hopeful be any means in fact im a mature novice!!!!! but love t he opportunity to compete and although Longwood is not doorstep it is accessible and provides a great venue for all abilities. This centre should not be in a debate for demolition but should be in debate for government funding to ensure it’s future and to enable it to provide training and competitive facilities !!!!!!!!!!!.

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