Basildon Council’s Local Development Framework Preferred Options Report is out for consultation till 11th April


The 1st Strategic Objective (SO1)of Basildon Council’s Local Development Framework is:

Protecting and enhancing the quality of the local environment : 

  •  Enhance the quality of the Borough’s built environment through spatial planning and design, conservation of heritage assets, and the improvement of the character and appearance of its landscapes to secure the future of the Borough’s distinctiveness and sense of place;
  • Protect, conserve and positively manage the Borough’s biodiversity resources through strengthening green infrastructure and the protection, renewal and creation of habitats;
How bitterly ironic then that….

The council’s Primary Area for Development and Change No. 10 (PADC10) is the Nethermayne Cluster

This area encompasses land occupied by Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital, St Luke’s Hospice and Basildon College, together with fields up to the boundaries of the Lee Chapel South neighbourhood and the Langdon Hills Country Park. The Spatial Strategy supports the release of the fields and the comprehensive masterplanning of the surrounding area(69) to bring forward a sustainable mixed-use residential and employment area, with supporting facilities as necessary, along with improvements to the access and public realm of both the hospital and hospice.

Development Potential:

1. At least 850 new residential dwellings;

2. Supporting education, health, community and retail infrastructure (as needed);

3. Enhanced public realm and highway & public transport access; and

4. Relocation of the college to PADC1.

This is what GAG is fighting to preserve for all of us…






A local wildlife site (LOWs) included in the Bio-Diversity Action Plan (BAP), home to scarce flora and fauna. Just not in Green Belt.

The fight is worth it. For Basildon now. and for future generations.
If you can help, please contact us at [email protected]

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