GAG Reforms May 2011

2006 Development Plans

HCA Land on the Nethermayne site

HCA Land on the Nethermayne site

HCA Land on the Nethermayne site

HCA Land on the Nethermayne site

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  1. Clifford Hammans

    It is nothing short of vandalism by a government department overseeing the wholesale destruction of our and our children and grandchildrens future enjoyment of local countryside and wildlife . So much for Cameron’s promise when they came into office in 2010 for local people to have a greater say in the issues in their area . Remember when you vote in this May’s 2015 elections . Basildon’s tory controlled council at the time gave the go ahead to this development . Repay them at the ballot box this May , when they treat local people with such scant respect . Helping out their development friends at our expense .

    1. patroberts_treasurer

      Thank you for your supportive comment.
      Can I just add there are practical ways that people can help us fight this development. It has cost lots of time and effort and money to keep up this fight. We are still fighting, albeit we are undercover at the moment.
      Attend our events, bring friends and neighbours to enjoy themselves and spread the expense. Donate on our website. Phone or e-mail Pat Roberts ,Treasurer, to donate personally. 01269 459349. [email protected].

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